Carbon Goodies Evo 5-6 GRP Rear Diffuser To Fit Standard Rear Bumper
£ 295.00
This is a GRP diffuser which fits the Evo 5-6 standard rear bumper. Comissioned from our own design and manufactured in the UK.

This is very easy to fit with only a few modifications to the standard bumper. All that needs cutting is the rear lip in the centre, the bumper itself stays fully intact. Please see the photos for what needs cutting. This does not need fitting with screws like the one in the photos, it can be bonded in using a stong bonding agent like Sikaflex or Tigerseal.

Please be aware that this diffuser is a cosmetic item, not a functional diffuser.

Also please be aware that this is a GRP item and comes finished in either a white or black gel coat. This is in no way supposed to be the final finish. Gel coat gives a good base for either painting or wrapping. The colour of the gel coat is random and cannot be chosen in advance.

Please allow 2 to 5 weeks for delivery.

All our prices include shipping within the UK mainland. All international buyers, please contact us before placing your order.
Twin Exit Exhaust Option
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