Evo 5-6 RC Style Carbon Fibre Side Skirt Extensions
£ 595.00
Evo 5-6 RC Style Carbon Fibre Side Skirt Extensions.

We are now able to get our hands on these again after convincing the manufacturer not to discontinue them.

These are a fantastic looking side skirt extension which really give the car a track look.

Please be aware that we have had to talk the manufacturer into not discontinuing them. The reason why they wanted to is that the moulds are getting old and the fitment on them is not the best and requires some work to get them fitting correctly. Some trimming will possibly need to be done and some time needs to be invested in getting them looking good. We would advise this to be done by a bodyshop. Also these are mainly race car parts and not street parts. It is perfectly normal to have some occasional surface anomolies such as pin holes, rough patches and indentations due to the age of the moulds. Please do not expect the finish to be like glass as carbon fibre rarely has a finish like glass, race parts expecially.

As the manufacturer is already aware of this issue, they wanted to discontinue the product, which was a real shame. The only way we have managed to get them back to market is to make customers aware that the manufacturer will not accept returns due to difficulty fitting them. As a result we are also not able to offer returns on these items due to fitment or finish issues. These are a hand made product.

Please allow 2 to 8 weeks for delivery.

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